The Conference

11 delegations nominated by legal and dispute resolutions institutions across the Asia-Pacific region will participate in the virtual Conference on 11 September 2021. Each delegation, consisting of three members aged 18 to 45, is required to submit a conference paper on the theme from the perspective of their respective jurisdiction and to deliver a presentation at the Conference. Click here to find out more about the delegates.

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      Theme of the Conference

Each jurisdiction’s cultural, socio-economic background and legal traditions are unique and may infiltrate across different aspects of its legal system. Through the Conference, each delegation will research and discuss how cultural, socio-economic and legal traditions shapes and influence the practice of rule of law of their respective jurisdictions. The Conference provides youths in the region to have a more comprehensive view on the development and practice of the rule of law of other jurisdictions. With better understanding of the differences (and similarities) of the practice of rule of law in the region, it would bring about a more inclusive society and sustainable future for all.

      Thematic issues to be discussed

The delegations will explore and discuss how cultural, socio-economic and legal traditions elements have impacted on the access to justice system/mechanism in their respective jurisdiction by evaluating the past development, current status and future prospect from one or more of the following thematic issues:


Efficiency and effectiveness of formal legal protection


Availability and adequacy of legal aid


Adequacy of redress or compensation through adjudication


Legal awareness and public education


Enforcement and civil society oversight